An extension of the existing skating hall to provide new facilities for professional athletes of the winter sports. An opportunity to redefine the exterior with greater presence and a new identity.

Project Details +

Project Details


CLIENT: Land Berlin

DATE: 2020

STATUS: Competition

SIZE: 2,406sqm (1,500 m2 Training, 400 m2 Changing rooms, 200 m2 Office, 200 m2 Visitors) 

Credits +


ACME: Alejandro Costa, Tim Laubinger, Duarte Lobo Antunes, Friedrich Ludewig, Jan Saggau, Ohyun Kwon, Heidrun Schuhmann


Structure - Bollinger Grohmann

MEP - Domotec

Landscape - Atelier Loidl

Sustainability - Transsolar

Located in the outskirts of Berlin, the Sportforum Berlin had its start in the 1950s mainly for football and was later expanded to accommodate a series of halls for boxing, judo, fencing and ball games, a sports hotel, a swimming pool, an outdoor pool, several administration, functional and sanitary buildings and two ice sports halls including the speed skating rink. The competition brief was to extend the skating hall to provide new facilities for professional athletes of the winter sports. The new extension offers the chance to enter the forum at the Konrad-Wolf-Straße and to redefine its inconspicuous exterior to give it a greater presence and a new identity.

Our proposal consisted of two volumes that merged together at the first floor forming a colonnade. The taller volume, which announces the entrance as visitors come in from the South, contains athlete’s facilities, offices and storage for the club, changing rooms and a ballet room at the top while the long volume on the side of the ice ring accommodates an 80m running track and the entrance for visitors, check-in with rental point for public users and new toilets for the spectators. The building is clad with inexpensive corrugated perforated panels creating a dialogue with the neighbouring Wellblechpalast interpreting the historical aesthetics of the existing building in a new language.

01 3 mm galvanized perforated steel sheets with prefabricated bending
02 Timber frame
03 Plaster on insulation and load-bearing 20cm CLT elements
04 Glulam arches
05 Glulam beams
06 Glulam h=75 cm in 2 m axial dimension corrugated metal sheet
07 Sports floor on 20 cm cross laminated timber ceiling
08 Green roof on drainage mat, waterproofing and insulation
09 Corrugated metal sheet

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