Vaclav Havel Airport is the gateway to the Czech Republic, the first and last space visitors associate with Prague when arriving or leaving the country.

Project Details +

Project Details

LOCATION: Prague, Czech Republic

CLIENT: Prague Airport

DATE: 2018

STATUS: Invited Competition

SIZE: 23,000m2 Public Realm, 10,000m2 Bus Terminals, 2,250m2 Hotel and 2,000 Parking Spaces

Credits +


ACME: Andre Hoelzle, Rangel Karaivanov, Friedrich Ludewig, Vojtech Nemec, Matei Vlasceanu


ETC Transport

We do not tend to pay much attention to our surroundings when running to catch a plane or bus, but reducing this experience to a mere exercise of wayfinding misses the civic importance of airports and gates as public and cultural spaces. Our intention for the design of the Arrival Plaza, the bus-stations, car parks and future business centre is to create an architecture that represents the cultural heritage, as well as the modern city of Prague, whilst creating an environment that naturally guides us where we need to go, without the deciphering of signs.

The central spine of the project is a meandering arcade, connecting the terminal with car parks and bus stations and any future developments, as modes of transport we are using today may change radically in the next decade. The proposal prioritises people, safety and flexibility, with all buildings constructed from prefabricated timber frames, and with internal heights suited for re-use and adjustable, anticipating future changes. Digitally-prefabricated folding of the modular metal canopies provides structural stability and cost efficiency while translating the sophisticated geometries of the gothic arcades and vaults of historic Czech architecture into the 21st century.

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