Seoul Municipal Museum of Art - a new cultural building to revitalise Gangbuk.

Project Details +

Project Details

LOCATION: Seoul, South Korea

CLIENT: City Council of Seoul

DATE: 2009-2010

STATUS: Competition

SIZE: 9,000sqm

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ACME: Kelvin Chu, Daewon Kwak, Friedrich Ludewig, Andreas Reeg

The proposed massing is broken down into smaller building fingers to create elements that can reach out and connect into the surrounding facilities in the park (library, inhabitants’ hall, octagonal pavilion, playground, exercise facilities). Rather than building a monumental and imposing traditional art museum, the smaller, disbursed massing creates a number of individually accessible wings accommodating experimental and educational galleries for inhabitants, especially the prevalent youth of the immediate neighbourhood.

The new building avoids a clear boundary between the existing park and district as a centre of art, allowing the park to meander through the building on ground floor level.

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