The Laagberg Memorial and Learning Centre will sit on the site of the former WWII Wolfsburg Laagberg Camp.

The design concept consists of three components - a Path of Remembrance, Reflection Space and House of Dialogue - bringing visitors closer to memories of the camp and conveying its history in different ways.

Project Details +

Project Details

LOCATION: Laagberg, Germany

CLIENT: City of Wolfsburg

DATE: 2020

STATUS: Competition, 3rd prize

SIZE: 600m² (200 m² Exhibition space, 194 m2 seminar space, 120 m2 foyer, 84 m2 technic)

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ACME: Ohyun Kwon, Tim Laubinger, Friedrich Ludewig, Jan Saggau, Heidrun Schuhmann

The concept is made up of three components that bring the visitor closer to memories of the Laagberg labour camp and convey its history in different ways. Via the path of remembrance along the edge of the forest, a relationship to traces of the site is slowly conveyed. The approach leads to an invisible reflection space, enclosed only at the sides, exposed to the elements, for pausing and commemorating. Next door, the repository, with space for exhibition, discourse and gathering.

Coming from the Path of Remembrance, one enters a dramatically narrow, tapering passage that leads to the reflection space. With no visual reference to the outside, but open to the sky , this space contains the visible remains of the Laagberg labour camp. The transition between the sloping floor and walls is gentle and homogeneously cast in light-coloured concrete made of recycled white glass and pebbles. From the inside, the enclosure seals off the outside world and plays with the light; from the outside, it is serious as a monolith, appropriate in scale in the suburban context.

The interaction of Path of Remembrance, Reflection Space and House of Dialogue creates a place that transcends its physical boundaries, which through its and representations allows for different readings of its history, which must be preserved. We hope that people of all ages, backgrounds and experiences will find something that touches and moves them.

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