Victoria Gate Arcades is inspired by the use of consistent frontages, curved glass and patterned floors in traditional historic arcades. 
The internal arcade floor echoes the pattern of Leeds’ woollen herringbone cloth, which established the reputation of the city for centuries. 

Project Details +

Project Details


DATE: 2011-2016


STATUS: Completed

SIZE: 17,000m²


Credits +



Concept Design:

Claudio Vilarinho, Wale Phiriyaphongsak, Dave Edwards, Stefano Dal Piva, Sofia Steffenoni, Friedrich Ludewig

Detail Design:

Claudia Orsetti, Walee Phiriyaphongsak, Elena Ruiz, Ying Teh, Ana Arrebola, Stefano Dal Piva, Friedrich Ludewig, Ruben Ramos, Dave Edwards, Catherine Hennessy, Javier Briasco Garcia, Katrina Varian, Lizy Huyghe


Friedrich Ludewig, Ana Arrebola, Ruggiero Bruno Chialastri, Stefano Dal Piva, Catherine Hennessy, Irene Todero, Antonio Torres Tebar, Katrina Varian, Allan Yeo, Ying Teh, Patrick Elborough, Catherine Hennessy, Christian Höeller, Edoardo Milli, Charles Pigott, Sara Poza, Aemilia Ross, Antonio Torres Tebar

The new arcade building is designed as a two storey, twin arcade with a complex roofscape continuing the grand history of Leeds’ 19th century arcades.

A large casino is located above the arcade, partially over-sailing it and creating a four storey civic frontage on Eastgate.

The exterior of the building evolves from the 19th and 20th Century language of the surrounding Blomfield and Victorian brick and terracotta buildings, and consists of sculpturally pleated brick elevations, changing in rhythm and scale to respond to the context. 

The three-dimensional texture of the brickwork, and how we could form pleats and steps, was an important factor in the decision to form the external façade from brick-faced pre-cast concrete panels. As we developed and refined the complex geometry of the pleated brickwork we devised a series of width modules which could be repeated – panels are seven, nine, eleven or thirteen bricks wide, but their height varies across the façade.

The rooflight continues the tradition of sculptural glazed arcade roofs in Leeds. The design of the glazed steel roof structure was optimized for steel section and glass panel sizes, and to eliminate any twisting and warping of glass whilst keeping the panels as large as possible.


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