ACME won the international competition for the Dusseldorf Flingern masterplan in 2021. The site has now been split into two parts, with Swiss Life acquiring the 73,200 sqm main site to realize the visionary, forward-looking long term masterplan.

Project Details +

Project Details

LOCATION: Düsseldorf, Germany

CLIENT: Metro Properties

DATE: 2020 - ongoing

STATUS: Concept Design

SIZE: 77,720 m²

Credits +




Theodora Aristidou, Nicholas Chrysostomou, Grace Chung, Tim Laubinger, Friedrich Ludewig, Dirk Müller, Jan Saggau, Anatol Stathiou, Matei Vlasceanu

Pre Concept:

Tim Laubinger, Friedrich Ludewig, Dirk Müller, Jan Saggau

Kieran Fraser Landscape Design

Stadt Land Fluss (Urban Designer)


Swiss Life will be working with ACME to create a diversified urban district combining living and working space with gastronomy, retail and local recreational facilities. 1,500 units will provide new housing for the local population.

The first part of the site, the existing METRO AG and METRO Deutschland headquarters, will be developed by Metro into an office campus centered around food excellence. This first phase of the masterplan has now received METRO board approval to commence to Planning Application.

Office Building One with an open courtyard will be converted into a naturally ventilated atrium building to create a more collaborative work environment with experimental food units at grade. Office Building Two will be divided into two to create an urban passageway through the building. The ground floor and first floor will be adapted into food retail units, seminar rooms and cooking schools, with food production greenhouses located above.

New Public spaces will be completed in 2025, opening out into the wider Flingern Campus, thus creating the stepping stones for the second part of the masterplan, which Swiss Life will bring to site from 2027 onwards.

"With the winning design, the jury has awarded a forward-looking concept that provides excellent special features for the area. Here we have the chance for a new kind of mixed-use neighbourhood development with housing, work and trade. In addition to the exciting urban and architectural structures, high quality open spaces and complementary infrastructure facilities such as schools, day-care centres and nursing homes will form a lively quarter. We can all look forward to a trend-setting quarter of the future in Düsseldorf,"

Cornelia Zuschke, the City of Düsseldorf's Commissioner for Planning, Building, Mobility and Real Estate


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