The Haydon comprises of 87 luxury homes located in a secluded urban oasis.

Project Details +

Project Details


DATE: 2012-Ongoing

CLIENT: Regal London

STATUS: Pre-Construction

SIZE: 5,712 m2 (87 Residential Units)

Credits +



Concept Design

Monica Capitanio, Anna Czigler, Iria de la Pena, Ann-Kathrin Köhl, Friedrich Ludewig

Detail Design

Monica Capitanio, Alia Centofanti, Anna Czigler, Iria de la Pena, Duarte Lobo Antunes, Friedrich Ludewig, Eleni Meladaki, Paolo Moretto, Lucy Moroney, Deyan Nenov, Gemma Serra, Thomas Soo


Michel Bosauder, Lizy Huyghe, Petros Kailis, Paula Ibarrondo, Friedrich Ludewig, Eleni Meladaki, Matteo Modenese, Lucy Moroney, Ioana Petkova, Charles Pigott, Gemma Serra, Azizah Sulor

The Minories site has a long and complex history. Crossed by Roman roads, the medieval Holy Trinity convent church survived here until the 20th century, whilst the urban fabric around it changed to become the Huguenot quarter, Butchers Alley and a rail goodsyard. After many decades of dereliction, this quiet back alley and garden will come to life again alongside a secluded new residential tower.

The building mass sways in response to its surroundings, cantilevering out up to four metres. A three-dimensional play that creates the impression of randomness, while adhering to strict structural grid lines of the concrete frame carry the cantilever loads efficiently to base. 

The forward and backward stepping floors minimize overlooking and overshadowing of adjacent spaces. The facade was inspired by metal chainmail aprons and gloves used by butchers when this site was a holding pen for the adjacent Butchers Row. A sequence of perforated corrugated aluminium cladding panels is used to create a metal curtain that gives privacy and filtered transparency to the residents. A number of perforation patterns were tested to create the impression of a soft and fluid metal veil.

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