The Umweltbank is a German environmental bank founded in Nuremberg for ethical and ecological investments. The competition brief asked for the design of an office building that embodies the core principles of the Umweltbank and showcases their identity as a sustainable bank of the 21st century with clear roots in the context of Nuremberg.

Project Details +

Project Details

LOCATION: Nuremberg, Germany 

CLIENT: UmweltBank    

DATE: 2020

STATUS: Invited Competition

SIZE: 6000 M2  Umweltbank Offices, 3000 M2 Rentable Office, 1000 M2 Retail Space

Credits +


ACME: Alejandro Costa, Amanda Callaghan, Igor Gola, Kevin Leung,Tim Laubinger, Friedrich Ludewig, Gemma Serra, Heidrun Schuhmann, Jan Saggau


MEP +  Sustainabilty Design: Atelier Ten

Structural Design: Bollinger+Grohmann

Model Maker: Helmbold Modellbau

Occupying a long and narrow site along the busy outer ring road, the building gradually steps up to the northern corner to give the building height and prominence whilst relating to lower blocks at the southern end. By stepping the massing three large roof terraces are created which will be intensely planted with grasses, multi-stems and perennials. This offers employees a place to walk, linger and work outdoors, with spectacular views across Nuremberg. 

A timber tree-like exo-skeleton has been developed for a modern timber building, referencing traditional wooden Bavarian houses and timbered houses in Nuremberg’s old town. A buffer zone along the street facade screens the offices behind from street noise and creates a semi external zone that will be planted or used for breakout spaces. Centrally located core elements give the building future flexibility. Active and passive building technology solutions have been implemented to minimise energy consumption, maximising workers’ health and wellbeing and to deliver a landmark sustainable timber building. 

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