Located on the Asian side of Istanbul, the Kozyatagi neighbourhood in the Kadikoy district is currently undergoing a significant change in scale and character, from a mainly suburban area to a high-rise centre for offices, leisure and apartments.

Project Details +

Project Details

LOCATION: Istanbul
CLIENT: Confidential
DATE: 2015
STATUS: Invited Competition
SIZE: 82,000m² (67,000m² office, 15,000m² commercial)

Credits +


ACME: João Brás, Andrew Chow, Duarte Lobo Antunes, Marina Kindelan, Friedrich Ludewig, Borja Madrazo Aguirre, Francois Morelle, Jack Taylor, Keigo Yoshida

The site is currently occupied by a supermarket with surface parking, severely underutilising the site. A new metro station will be constructed adjacent to the site in the coming years, bringing fast public transport and making this site a prime office location.

Two developers will share the cost of the development and receive an office tower each in return. The design uses this pairing of towers to create two office towers designed as one mass, giving rise to a unique silhouette in the city’s skyline. A new park towards the adjacent school creates the northern setting for the towers, and allows for the articulation of a light-filled lobby as gateway into the development.

The towers share podium and parking, but operate independently above ground. Each tower is defined by a self-shading façade with deep exoskeleton columns, extending at roof level above the last floor slab to shelter communal winter gardens.

The angle and inclination of the fins vary from level to level, to produce a shimmering effect when observed from the adjacent motorway. Between the two towers, a more reflective façade with dichromatic film is used to create a series of tinted reflections and refractions between the two towers.

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