We were asked by the Amiri Diwan to explore a radical reverse engineering of urban development and return the coastline as close as possible to its 1970s state. In order to bring Doha back to the sea, we proposed moving Corniche Road into two new tunnels connected to underground car parks. These new tunnels form the foundation for a new shaded pedestrian Corniche promenade and tram route above.

Project Details +

Project Details

LOCATION: Doha, Qatar

DATE: 2011-2012


SIZE: 118,6 Ha

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ACME: Isabela de la Mora, Friedrich Ludewig, Frederic Meurisse, Claudia Orsetti, Penny Sperbund, Ondrej Tichy, Naiara Vegara, Claudio Vilarinho, Adam Vukmanov

Until the 1950s, Doha was a town by the sea, with houses sitting on the shoreline and many citizens earning their living as pearl divers and fishermen. Since the discovery of oil and gas, Doha has undergone rapid growth and transformation. The coastline has been filled in and expanded, with new ports and piers built out into the sea – significantly lengthening the coastline and pushing the sea even further away from the old town.

Today, the reshaped Corniche defines the centre of Doha and provides spectacular views across the bay, yet most citizens only see the Corniche from Corniche Road – one of the city’s major arteries which is often clogged with traffic. Exploring the Corniche on foot and getting close to the sea is possible but difficult, as parking, shade and facilities that would enable visitors to spend much time here are in short supply.

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