Jumeirah is a low rise beach neighbourhood in Dubai, an area popular with locals and tourists alike. The area is known for its quiet atmosphere and privacy, with most houses hidden behind tall perimeter walls. The brief called for a luxury spa and hotel, with shaded external space for several restaurants.

Project Details +

Project Details

LOCATION: Jumeirah, Dubai
CLIENT: Immuto
DATE: 2013
STATUS: Feasibility
SIZE: 11,000m² (Incl. 50 room hotel, 1,000m² retail, 2,000m² F&B, 300m² gym)

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ACME: Paula Ibarrondo, Friedrich Ludewig

The project seeks to provide each of the hotel guests with a unique private suite that offers sweeping views across the area, and a private landscaped terrace with integrated swimming pools for each room. The rooms are grouped into individual room towers, each clad in a precast lattice grid for shade and privacy.

A central atrium provides shaded access to every room, and is connected to the outside through two external terraces on every floor. By shifting the location of these terraces on every level, three linear green gardens are created in the façade. Concrete central columns support each room and each swimming pool at its centre. This frees up the façade from structural requirements and enables the open terraces to have unencumbered views across Jumeirah when desired.

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