Bastide Neil is located on the right bank of Garonne River, near the historic centre of Bordeaux. The site was historically occupied by warehouses, rail embankments and barracks.

Project Details +

Project Details

LOCATION: Bordeaux, France

CLIENT: SAS Bastide Niel

DATE: 2020

STATUS: Competition

SIZE: 7,300 m2 (Site Area), 16,100 m2 (Residential), 2,100 m2 (Commercial)

 Every block is defined through a sequence of design operations intended to maximise sunlight, ventilation and external space within the buildings. New public routes through the site define the block footprints while the massing shapes of the buildings are set by angles for light and ventilation. 

In a masterplan of buildings shaped like mountains sits the largest block - B127. The masterplan defines a large elongated plot, shaped like a fish in its footprint with the profile of a mountain. While the masterplan demands that the mixed-use building appears as a solid mass, it has different, highly flexible uses contained within. To break the large scale of the building, two streets and three courtyards are introduced, creating smaller blocks that maximise dual aspect, daylight and external communal space. 

The exterior is defined as a white, mineral external façade, with different apertures denoting the very different uses contained within. In contrast, all internal facades are warm, clad in timber and with extensive planting, to create a communal atmosphere for its users. 

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