Associate Director

Penny studied at the University of Cape Town School of Architecture. A Project Architect since 1980, she has been administering contracts for the past 40 years. Penny was Associate Partner for EHH Architects in Cape Town and worked at Chapman Taylor and Foreign Office Architects in London where she led a number of large and complex international projects.

In 2010 Penny joined ACME London and was appointed an Associate Director in 2012. With her wide experience in construction, she heads up the technical and QA reviews for all projects, giving in-house CPDs on building regulations, and ‘lessons learnt’. Drawing on her early role as Project Architect running traditional contracts, she advises on Appointment contracts and assists the admin team in achieving ISO 9001 accreditation and PI Insurance renewals.

As Technical Director Penny is involved in all of ACME's major projects. Some of the ones in which she took a more active role include: The Royal Institute of Human Development - Bahrain; Khams Shamat Visitors’ Gallery – Damascus; The Beirut City Centre Shopping Mall - Lebanon; Swansea Central Development, Chester Northgate Development, H1 Elephant Park, London, UK; and 60 Aldgate, London, UK