Senior Architect

Matei Vlăsceanu studied University of Architecture and Urbanism “Ion Mincu” in Bucharest and at KU Leuven. In 2010, after building the National Romanian Pavilion, Matei co-founded UNULAUNU. He has been working at OMA – Hong Kong and Rotterdam, as well as teaching at the University in Bucharest, assisting 2nd and 3rd year students in the design studio. 

Matei joined ACME Berlin in 2017, where he has worked on various competitions like Zlinic Prague and Vaclav Havel Airport. Up to present Matei has been part of the design team for key completed projects like SAB Leipzig and Rewe-Market of the Future, delivered successfully, as Project Architect, the planning application for an office building as part of a wider masterplan in Dublin Central designed by ACME, as well as a series of competitions with a couple of winning proposals like Brent Cross South and Metro Campus Düsseldorf.

Matei is also overseeing the IT department of ACME Berlin.