El Mehdi Belyasmine completed his postgraduate studies in MAS in Architecture and Digital Fabrication at ETH Zurich in 2022. His academic work focused on 3D printing using robotics and Augmented Reality. Furthermore, he graduated with a Master from ULB La Cambre Horta in Brussels (Belgium) in 2015 within a one-year Erasmus exchange at HEIA Freiburg (Switzerland).

After completing his studies in 2015, he moved to Mexico City and gained experience in cultural, residential, infrastructure, and master planning projects with FR-EE, Arroyo Solis Agraz Arquitectos, and Estudio Lamela | LAM arquitectos. Among them, the Cultural Corridor Chapultepec with FR-EE and the New Terminal Building at Tijuana Airport with Estudio Lamela | LAM arquitectos. He also worked in Qatar and Morocco.

El Mehdi joined ACME London in 2023 as an architect, and is part of the design teams for mixed-use schemes in China and UAE.