ACME has received unanimous planning approval for a new timber pavilion in  Stratford. The building will act as a focal point for the central space of the International Quarter development. It will mark the transition from the dense urban fabric of the International Quarter to the more open landscape context of the river Lea, the Aquatics, the future East Bank and the Elizabeth Park.

We designed the adjacent Olympic Bridges over 12 years ago, very much with a future legacy in mind, and we’re delighted to be back all those years later to contribute to the legacy of the games and create a small building to anchor the public space of the International Quarter and provide a place for events, for celebrations and to pause and watch the world go by.

The pavilion will house a visitor centre with a cafe, restaurants over two floors and a public rooftop terrace with amazing views over the Bridge towards the park and London Stadium. The public realm will extend from the square to the roof, generating a number of lookout points and sitting places from which to enjoy the views.
We have been working with Lendlease for some time to develop innovative timber structures, and we are delighted that this pavilion will be the first timber structure developed with them to receive planning.