We’re cycling from London to Brighton in support of British Heart Foundation!

Eleni Meladaki, César Cruz Gómez, Stefano Dal Piva, Jan Macbean and Keigo Yoshida will tackle the 54 mile route from Clapham Common to The Brighton Beach front on Sunday 16 June to raise funds for vital research on heart and circulatory diseases.

Support them and BHF's lifechanging research here

£300 could help buy a six months’ supply of tiny molecules that light up under a microscope. These are used by researchers to see what’s going on inside our hearts.

£500 could help fund a research programme for a full day. Led by an up-and-coming scientist in a busy lab with their own group of researchers.

£1,000 could help buy a brand-new piece of equipment that helps biologists identify molecules linked to coronary heart disease and vascular dementia.

Every little bit counts, thank you for your support.