Following the successful planning consent in 2014 for an office building in the City of London, we have worked with the client and London Underground to improve the project, developing a larger building sitting above the Metropolitan Line tunnels, and to rebuild the local pub as part of the scheme.
The Still and Star is an historic pub on site, which has lost all internal features over the years, and ultimately closed some time ago. We have worked with a number of stakeholders to rebuild it in a slightly better location on the site, with a frontage onto Aldgate High Street, and with proper service access.
The Still and Star started as a gin distillery in the 1730s, and we are committed to create a new micro-gin-distillery, with herb farming in the building, to resurrect the original vocation.The new pub will be formed from green pigmented concrete, preserving an imprint of the existing pub.
The office building is a state of the art 38.000sqm steel structure, with a ground level foyer and arcade made in iron oxide concrete to span over the underground tunnels below. The structure is our third Minories Building for 4C Hotels, sitting alongside the 342 rooms Canopy by Hilton hotel and a residential tower, which are both under construction and due to complete in 2020.