Over the last 6 month, extensive earthworks have taken place to dredge Folkestone Harbour and raise the land levels behind the beach as future flood defence. These works have now been completed and a new boardwalk has been installed at the crest of the raised shingle beach. The 800m long wooden walkway connects the Lower Leas Coastal Park and the Folkestone Harbour Arm. 
The boardwalk is made from 1960s railway sleepers, made from extremely tough tropical hardwood that is saltwater resistant. The shape of the boardwalk corresponds to the Folkestone Harbour masterplan which will be built behind it. 
During the Folkestone Triennial (2 September – 5 November 2017), several artworks are accessible from the new path, including Out of Tune by A K Dolven, a holiday home by Richard Woods, Jelly Mound Pavilion by Lubaina Himid and Casa Anacaona by Sol Calero.