We welcome Amanda and Vojtech into their new roles as ACME's first Employee Trustee Directors!

“I’m delighted to have the opportunity to represent ACME Employees in this way and looking forward to learning with others how becoming an EOT can help to enhance ACME as an exceptional place to work.” 

Amanda Callaghan, Senior Architect & Employee Trustee

“Ever since I joined ACME as a London School of Architecture part-time Part I almost 6 years ago ACME has been an incredibly supportive and enabling creative environment that allowed me to grow. I believe that ACME stands out as a workspace of becoming, where young designers feel encouraged to thrive, and are also given the opportunity to do so. As an Employee Trustee, I hope to contribute towards a company where future generations of ACMEers will benefit from the same warm, trusting, and welcoming environment as I could.” 

Vojtech Nemec, Architect & Employee Trustee