The canopy is located within the Sheffield Sevenstone Quarter and covers parts of its main public space. Sevenstone Square narrows towards the department store entrance into Cross Burgess Street. The roof covers Cross Burgess Street between the two adjacent retail blocks and is build above a service basement that connects these two buildings below ground.

Project Details +

Project Details

LOCATION: Sheffield, UK
CLIENT: Hammerson Plc
DATE: 2007 - 2010
STATUS: Commission, Detailed Design
SIZE: 1500 m² Area

Credits +


ACME: Stefano Dal Piva, Friedrich Ludewig

The positioning of the vertical supports is constrained by the structural layout of the basement. No urban region in the UK has more trees then Sheffield, and the design for the Sheffield Canopy has taken its inspiration from natural tree shapes to evoke the notion of an urban forest. In order to overcome any association of the roof with a standard shopping mall enclosure, it has been designed to appear like five freestanding trees forming a natural crown for shelter.

The canopy is designed to overhang the neighbouring buildings rather than touching them directly, and timber was chosen as the material for the main trunks. Apart from visual considerations, timber has the added benefit of a high strength to weight ratio to minimize the structural load on the transfer beams below.

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