The project is located in right next to the city centre in Botosani, Romania. The site, just off the city centre of Botosani (Romania) was occupied by an unused industrial shed. It was decided to retain as much as possible the existing structure because of its distinctive character and intrinsic flexibility but also for its economical value.

Project Details +

Project Details

LOCATION: Bucharest, Romania
DATE: 2009-2011
STATUS: Concept Design
SIZE: GIA 19,500 m² including 25 retail units, one supermarket, one casino with restaurants; 510 parking spaces

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ACME: Friedrich Ludewig, Deena Fakhro, Naiara Vegara, Stefano Dal Piva

The brief consisted on creating a community market including a large supermarket, retail units and small entertainment offer . The market should open to the existing pedestrian flows but it should also encourage customers coming by car.

The project’s challenge was to meet the client’s brief within a very tight budget, therefore the design had to be crafted in order to create the maximum effect with the minimum amount of new building.

The existing facades have been mostly retained except for the market’s main approaches where a new projecting roof supported by columns mark the entrances. The retail and entertainment units are independent volumes that define the internal circulation pattern.

The materials palette for the new interventions is inspired by the local tradition, timber and timber shingles have been used for centuries in Romania. It is proposed to clad the retail volumes with dark timber shingles and build the projecting roof out of timber stained white. The retained elements will be repainted in white.

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